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Our work abroad services help you to meet your unique aspirations, offering personalized solutions that guide you towards a brighter future.


Our study abroad services support you in getting helpful information on scholarships and other topics and address the difficulties you could encounter when looking for academic possibilities elsewhere.

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Our team of experienced and trained immigration experts understands the complexity of immigration procedures. We provide you with expert guidance and support, making sure your application is handled with precision.

Client Centric Approach

We prioritize your journey. The team is here to make sure your time with Velocious Overseas is characterized by success, trust, and excellence since we recognize the difficulties and complexities you encounter.

Extensive Services

Our extensive range of services addresses all your requirements, from obtaining a visa to applying for a work permit, helping with relocation, and cultural integration. We want to be your reliable solution for all migration-related services.

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Looking for a trustworthy migration partner to assist you in making your goals a reality?

Explore, learn, and thrive abroad

Our aim at Velocious is to ensure that you experience the immigration process you rightfully deserve—successful and straightforward.                                 

Velocious is here to support you at every stage, whether you are a skilled worker searching for new career opportunities, an international student pursuing academic achievement, or a family wishing to start over in an unfamiliar land.

Our team of professional and qualified immigration experts can assist you with anything from visa processing and work permit applications to relocation assistance and cultural integration.

We are here to make the immigration process as easy and stress-free as we can, even though we know that it may be a difficult and complicated one.

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